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RULE BOOKS !  Ted has lots of rule books, case study books etc.  Let him, or me know, and we will get some to you.  $ 10.00 / book
Brad, Jasper, Jo Anne and Tom had a great time officiating in the O.B.A. under 15 girls Provincial Finals in Sault Ste-Marie on April 27, 28, 29.  The level of play was incredible.  It was also fun and challengin working under F.I.B.A. rules. 
NSABO Officials 2008-2009 (Sept 23 version)
1. Brown, Arielle - B and Midget Boys with experienced official
2. Diebolt, John- A games
3. Fox, Harold - B games with experienced official
4. Gosselin, Colin - Not a member for 2 years - must pay dues and hand in first test - A games
5. Hyndman, Ted - A games
6. Jason Jaques- A games.
7. Kategiannis, Peter - A games
8. Kruger, Ron - Elementary Games
9. Marcella, Aaron - A games
10. Martella, Don - A games with experienced official
11. Matheson, Jo Anne - A games
12. Mazerolle, Felicia - A games
13. Naus, Jasper - A games
14. O’Grady, Tom - A games
15. Ouderkirk, Bill - A games
16. Quenneville, Desiree - ???
17. Recollet, Guy - Must complete clinic, write test and pay dues
18. Recollet, Marcel - B games with an experienced official
19. Robinson, Mark - A games
20. Rouillard, Rodney - A games
21. Senra, Kyle - B games, A Junior Girls and A Midget boys with experienced official
22. Stringer, Jim - A games
23. Taylor, Rockne - A games
24. Ucci, Louis - Varsity, college and University
25. Yachuk, Tony - A games
Message for some NSABO members?
We can post comments we've received from members about the activities and direction of the NSABO, our webcite, our new geographic areas, the new format for assigning officials, clinics, exams...
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